Wikipedia Across Disciplines

Wikipedia Across Disciplines

“I have come to realize that the pursuit of knowledge can be undertaken by an individual, but it can only be advanced in partnership with others.”

In addition to discipline-specific professional development courses (like our courses that focus on representing women in STEM and science on Wikipedia), we offer an interdisciplinary experience through this unique course.

The 3-month virtual course (which meets virtually once a week) presents an opportunity for professional development and public scholarship, equipping scholars with the tools they need to expand the impact of research in their discipline. While adding content to Wikipedia tends to be a naturally interdisciplinary process, this course allows for subject-matter experts to collaborate across disciplines with other scholars and professionals. Meet some past participants here.

The Dashboard

The progress of each course is measured on Wiki Education’s management tool, which we call the Dashboard. The Dashboard allows participants to easily collaborate as they improve Wikipedia articles and allows them to track their stats along the way. The Dashboard is also where course participants take assigned trainings to familiarize themselves with Wikipedia’s policies and practices.

Summer 2018


Dr. Rebecca Dew, independent researcher, Political Science

Amy Dye-Reeves, Assistant Professor of Research and Instruction Librarian


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