Widening Wikidata’s impact

In the summer of 2019, Wiki Education started a new course under the umbrella of the Scholars & Scientists Program all about Wikidata. Similar to our Wikipedia offerings in that program, our Wikidata course trains subject matter experts on Wikidata fundamentals and encourages them to contribute to Wikidata in a structured online synchronous six-week course. We ran two … Continued

Introducing our newest Wikidata enthusiasts

Our next round of Wikidata courses is underway! After the successes of our first two Wikidata courses from this past summer, we were eager to dive back in and start working with a new set of linked data enthusiasts. As a reminder, our six-week courses explore Wikidata policy, editing best practices, and offer participants an opportunity to connect with and join … Continued

Help your library or museum expand the reach of its collections

It’s the last week to sign up for our upcoming linked data online courses! Dive into the world of Wikidata (the centralized, linked data repository for all Wikimedia projects) to better serve your community of users and your institution’s longevity. “Contributing to Wikidata has a ripple effect. It’s a great way for institutions to contribute … Continued

Calling all librarians, archivists, and museum specialists

It’s the last week to take advantage of the early bird pricing for our open linked data courses! Whether you’re a librarian, an archivist, museum stuff, civic data specialist, or just a curious practitioner – we can help you meet your linked data goals and think up new projects aligned with your interests. Our beginner … Continued

Opening up the linked data world of Wikidata to new editors

Our first six-week long Wikidata courses flew right by. We’re extremely proud of the twenty-three participants in these two courses and the impact they have made on Wikidata. A little about the course Over six short weeks, we met once a week for an hour-long session, discussing assignments, asking questions, and addressing any issues encountered … Continued

Last week to sign up for September Wikidata courses!

It’s the last week to sign up for our September Wikidata how-to courses! Virtual sessions meet once a week for an hour and dive into how to use, as well as contribute to, the global data repository that is Wikidata. Over six weeks, course participants learn how open data practices best align with their professional … Continued

GLAM professionals excited about the possibilities of Wikidata

Our first two Wikidata virtual courses wrapped up last week! Wikidata, the open linked data repository for Wikimedia projects, is growing in popularity with museums, cultural heritage institutions, and libraries. The professionals in our first two Wikidata courses have been bridging their library collections and Wikidata. The open data repository presents opportunities for library staff … Continued

Expanding the reach of your library collections through Wikidata

“Contributing content to Wikidata has a ripple effect. It’s a great way for libraries to contribute our resources to a wide variety of communities and meet users where they already are. It also presents opportunities to facilitate a community’s involvement in, design of, and creation of information.” – participant of our July 2019 Wikidata workshop … Continued

Data for all: share your collection

Do you work with linked data or teach data literacy? Are you looking to increase the impact of your collections? Do you need new methods of gaining insights about your data and tools for visualizing those findings? Are you just curious about the open data movement? If you answered yes to any of the above, … Continued