Introducing our newest Wikidata enthusiasts

Our next round of Wikidata courses is underway!

After the successes of our first two Wikidata courses from this past summer, we were eager to dive back in and start working with a new set of linked data enthusiasts.

As a reminder, our six-week courses explore Wikidata policy, editing best practices, and offer participants an opportunity to connect with and join the Wikidata community. This course has strong representation from world-class art museums, an Irish university library, a seasoned Wikipedian, and several other experts in their respective fields. We are looking forward to seeing the impact they will make on Wikidata at their institutions. Learn more below!

  • Josh Andrews is the Website Product Manager at the Art Institute of Chicago. He is hoping to better understand Wikidata to integrate the Art Institute’s collection of 109,000+ works into Wikidata.
  • Siobhan Bowman is the Senior Library Assistant at the University College Cork. Her work at the library has led her to be interested in building a project linking Wikidata items/citations to the open access research material archived in her university’s institutional repository. She brings editing experience from both Wikipedia and Wikidata into this course.
  • Linda Fletcher is an experienced Wikipedian, having edited for the past four years. She continues to be an active editor on Wikipedia and is eager to learn about how Wikidata can better support Wikipedia.
  • Ian Gill is a Documentation Associate at SFMOMA. He brings a background of art history and museum studies, with an emphasis in collections management, registration, and database management to the program. He is looking forward to learning how to become a regular contributor to Wikidata.
  • Ryan McGrady is the Scholars and Scientists Program Manager at Wiki Education. He has years of experience as an editor and contributor on both Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. He’s taking this course to learn the inner workings of Wikidata and how he can better integrate Wikidata into his course offerings and editing.
  • Marla Misunas is the Collections Information Manager at SFMOMA. She manages the online collection and other methods of distribution. There are gaps in many records about artists; her research in this area has inspired her to learning how to mine Wikidata to enhance SFMOMA’s collection.
  • Layna White is the Director of Collections at SFMOMA. Although she is new to Wikidata, she understands the impact that linked data is having on collections and is looking forward to learning more about it.
  • Meredith Wisner is the Research and Instruction Librarian of Art and Architecture at Barnard College. She is interested in open access, Wikipedia as a pedagogical tool, and intellectual property. From this course she is looking to expanding her understanding of Wikidata to include data from Wikidata in her work. As a Wikipedian at Barnard she fields many questions about Wikidata and is eager to improve her understand of the constellation of Wikidata applications.

You can follow their work on our Dashboard.

Registration for our upcoming October/November courses is open until October 14th! Visit for our beginner and intermediate options. 

Header image by Luc Viatour, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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