Author: Ian Ramjohn

Author: Ian Ramjohn

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Sex in the Tree of Life

The demarcations of human sexuality have become a major issue in the culture wars, but for plants, sexual diversity is the norm. There are plants with “perfect” flowers that are completely hermaphroditic, with fully functional pollen and eggs produced in the same flower. There are monoecious plants, which produce both male and female flowers. There … Continued

Students, Sources, and Sentinels at AAAS

In February, Boston played host to thousands of scientists, policy makers and journalists who attended the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The conference took place against a background of mounting concern in the scientific community about the future of science during the new presidential administration. While the conference … Continued

The Roundup: Tiny machines

Modern technology requires tiny, precisely manufactured parts. If you want to know how those parts are made, you can thank students in Dr. Ashis Banerjee’s Introduction to Manufacturing Processes class (first section; second section) at the University of Washington for the work they did across articles related to manufacturing processes. Take a look at the … Continued

Wikipedia: Putting plants under the microscope

If you want to understand how a plant works, it helps to be able to see cells and tissues. That’s easy in a biology lab with microscopes and prepared slides. Once you leave that world, though, it becomes more difficult to see the structures beneath things. Wikipedia articles tend to be well-illustrated, with pictures of … Continued