Want to join the open data movement?

Want to join the open data movement?

So you’re interested in global, open linked data?

As powerful tools for open linked data, Wikidata and Wikibase will be strategically important to professionals, researchers, and instructors across all industries in the coming years. Are you ready to contribute?

Seize new opportunities for your institution by joining one of our online courses or in-person workshops this fall. Our offerings will help you…


  • Elevate the visibility of your collections by mapping culturally significant data from your industry in the global repository that is Wikidata.
  • Draw new insights about your data using Wikidata’s customizable visualization and query tools.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of current research by tracking and linking existing data in Wikidata to your data.
  • Develop an equitable and inclusive model for linked data.
  • Enrich Wikidata with high-quality data from your discipline to improve representation and accuracy.
  • Teach data literacy to students and colleagues by incorporating Wikidata / metadata practices into your workflow or into the classroom.
  • And more!



Workshops    Take a 1 day in-person workshop or bring our Wikidata specialists to your institution for a personalized workshop.

Beginner    Are you new to linked data? Take our online course for beginners.

Intermediate    Do you have some experience with linked data? Take an intermediate online course.



Interested in enrolling 10 or more participants from the same institution in an online course OR bringing one of our Wikidata specialists to your campus for an in-person workshop? Email data@wikiedu.org for course buy-out and other customized options.



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