Welcome, Renée, Ian, and Adam!

I’m happy to announce three new staff members to the Wiki Education Foundation this week. Renée LeVesque joined us as the Executive Assistant to the ED, and Adam Hyland and Ian Ramjohn are our new Wikipedia Content Experts.

Renée has been working in arts and non-profit settings for more than ten years, and she’s excited about connecting and empowering people through educational resources. She’s an events manager by training and recently served as the Artistic Director of the Center Camp Stage at Burning Man. Prior to this, she worked as a Project and Administrative Manager for Ritual Coffee Makers and as a Program Assistant and Publicist for The New Conservatory Theatre. As Executive Assistant to the ED, she is the primary point of contact for internal and external stakeholders on all matters concerning the office of the Executive Director. Renée reports to me.

In her free time, Renée teaches theater in the Bay Area and works with schools and teachers to create learning experiences. She has also led after-school programming in San Francisco Unified, created drama programs in Oakland schools, and recently began working with Cal Shakes to bring drama and Shakespeare to schools in other parts of the East Bay.

Also joining us this week are Adam and Ian, our new part-time Wikipedia Content Experts. In this role, they work closely with other editors and subject matter experts to identify content gaps in articles and topic areas. The Content Experts also monitor and evaluate student contributions to articles, and provide feedback to student editors to ensure the content students add is of high quality. We’ve hired experts for two content areas, Sciences and Humanities. Both Adam and Ian report to Helaine Blumenthal, the Classroom Program Manager.

Adam Hyland is the new Wikipedia Content Expert, Humanities. Adam has been an active Wikipedia editor and administrator for nearly six years, with more than 22,000 edits and dozens of Good and Featured Article reviews. He has been a volunteer with us since the program’s pilot in 2010, providing extremely valuable support to many classes and instructors over the last four years. While his degree is in economics from the University of Wisconsin, Adam has also studied the fields of cultural anthropology and digital humanities.

Ian Ramjohn is the new Wikipedia Content Expert, Sciences. Ian, who has a Ph.D. in plant ecology from Michigan State University, also brings a tremendous history on Wikipedia as a content contributor and administrator. He has more than 40,000 edits since 2004, with two featured articles, two featured lists, five Good Articles, and 48 articles highlighted in the “Did You Know?” section of Wikipedia’s main page. Most of his contributions have focused on botany and ecology, such as biographies of scientists, and articles about his home country, Trinidad and Tobago.

Join us in welcoming Renée, Ian, and Adam to the Wiki Education Foundation!

Frank Schulenburg
Executive Director


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