Inspiring learning.
Enriching Wikipedia.

Inspiring learning.
Enriching Wikipedia.

The Wiki Education Foundation connects higher education resources in the USA and Canada to the publishing power of Wikipedia. We cultivate learning that enriches Wikipedia and universities, creating a world where any learner can contribute to open scholarship and education for all. We change the lives of students by helping students change the world.

We engage students in solving real-world problems.

Rather than writing a term paper that ends up in a drawer, students contribute to a knowledge base the world uses every day. It’s service learning with a lasting impact.

We expand access to university resources.

We believe that access to information is a human right. But large amounts of information are still bottled up. We open access to that knowledge by connecting universities, classrooms, and libraries to Wikipedia.

We bring diverse content to Wikipedia.

We believe Wikipedia should reflect the full spectrum of human knowledge. While Wikipedia content in popular culture topics is often excellent, academic subjects lag behind. We help increase the quality of content in Wikipedia articles on topics people need to know.

We increase digital literacy.

Writing for Wikipedia challenges students into analyzing and interpreting information for fairness, accuracy, and reliability. Wikipedia assignments give students the skills to question unreliable information, rather than passively accept it.