Inspiring learning.
Enriching Wikipedia.

Inspiring learning.
Enriching Wikipedia.

 Our work makes a difference.
Here’s how.

We engage students in solving real-world problems.

Through active learning, students develop a deeper understanding of their subject. They are more motivated to produce quality work, knowing millions could read it. They improve their research, writing, and critical thinking skills along the way.


We provide more people with access to knowledge.

Knowledge has the power to change lives. For people around the world, Wikipedia is the primary and often only source of information about diseases such as HIV or Ebola. It empowers people to make informed choices based on reliable information. It is available to nearly everyone, regardless of wealth or social class.


We increase digital literacy

Contributing content to Wikipedia encourages students to examine and critique a central source of online information. Students improve their digital literacy skills by evaluating the quality of Wikipedia’s information. As contributors, they summarize and communicate information from sources they have identified as reliable.


We diversify Wikipedia’s content.

Studies have shown that Wikipedia’s editor community is predominantly young, white, and male. Information on Wikipedia often describes the world from that perspective. Wikipedia content quality is weakest when it doesn’t catch the interest of those editors. Articles on female novelists, or places in Africa, are alarmingly underrepresented.