Category: Fall 2014

Category: Fall 2014

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Survey says 92% of instructors interested in teaching with Wikipedia again

At the end of the fall 2014 term, we distributed a survey to instructors to see what they thought about teaching a Wikipedia assignment. We wanted to share some of those responses, and let instructors speak for themselves about the successes and challenges they encountered. A key note kept ringing throughout the survey’s free responses, … Continued

Today’s Roundup: STRIKE!

Every week we look at some interesting work student editors have done in Wiki Ed-supported classes. This week we have a collection of contributions from UCLA’s American Working Class Movements course, led by Dr. Tobias Higbie. Student editors from this class contributed articles on many facets of worker’s rights, including social movements and unions. They … Continued

The Wikipedia Frontier

When BC senior Marie Pellissier was asked to identify figures associated with the “West,” she had a few ideas. “Most of the class, myself included, listed men like Buffalo Bill Cody or Sam Houston,” she said. The imagination of the American West, it seemed, had been largely shaped by men. Marie (User:Pellissm) was a student in Professor … Continued

Looking back at fall term 2014

Wiki Ed’s Classroom Program is focused on improving Wikipedia by having university students in the United States and Canada write high-quality articles that fill content gaps as part of their coursework. And in fall 2014, the program filled more content gaps than ever before, with improvements in subject areas like archaeology (improved by students from … Continued

Monthly report for December 2014

Highlights The fall 2014 term wrapped up, with Wiki Ed supporting more student editors, courses, and instructors than ever before, and the most content added to Wikipedia. While the majority of student editors added high-quality content, a handful of courses encountered challenges adding quality content to Wikipedia, and Wiki Ed’s Programs team is working on … Continued

Today’s Roundup: Feminist perspectives

Every week we take a look at some of the great content student editors have contributed to Wikipedia. This week, we’re looking at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey’s Feminist Theory course, taught by Dr. Adeline Koh. This course’s content is especially notable for bringing information related to women and women’s issues to Wikipedia. For … Continued

Today’s Roundup: A Trip to Africa

With the fall term wrapped up, it’s time to reflect on some of the great content student editors have added to Wikipedia. This week we were excited by Dr. Kate Grillo’s course at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse on African Archaeology. Student editors contributed articles related to archaeological sites across Africa, and these articles … Continued