Lingzhi is Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at USF

I’m pleased to announce User:Lingzhi as Wikipedia Visiting Scholar in the University of San Francisco’s Department of Rhetoric and Language!

Lingzhi is a veteran editor with considerable experience improving articles at the highest levels of quality. His past work includes articles such as funerary art, scattered disc, Battle of Malvern Hill, Taiwanese aborigines, and several lists of endangered languages like those in Asia and Africa. As these topics indicate, his interests are diverse, but he was attracted to the USF Visiting Scholars opportunity because of his long-time enthusiasm for linguistics.

Working with him at USF is Associate Professor Jonathan Hunt, who sees building a relationship between USF and Wikipedia as “part of USF’s social justice mission: helping share better information with people around the world.” He said that his “hope for this partnership is simply that USF can share our resources with Lingzhi so that he can help Wikipedia improve the quality of information relevant to our shared interests.” One area of overlap is applied linguistics, but Jonathan notes that the department’s interests are interdisciplinary, including many aspects of human communication.

For more information about the Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program, including how you can get involved, see the Visiting Scholars page on our website or email

Photo: Kalmanovitz Hall – University of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA – DSC02504.JPG by Daderot, CC0 1.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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