Global Approaches to Climate Finance for Wikipedians

The 2015 Paris Agreement led to 196 countries adopting the first-ever global climate change treaty, aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and rising global temperature. In implementation, finance lies at the center of the Paris Agreement, as climate solutions require funding from both the public and private sectors in order to be radical and successful. How have different nations responded to this commitment and approached funding for climate resiliency?

As a part of Wiki Education’s 2024 Climate Finance Initiative, we’re looking to bring together experienced Wikipedia editors from all over the world to document different countries’ current landscapes when it comes to funding and investing in climate mitigation. Currently, Wikipedia lacks “Climate finance in [country]” articles and this seriously limits the ability of interested people to know about a country’s commitments and whether they are on track to keep those commitments. In our virtual course participants will work collaboratively to source this information, and individually to create or translate articles about individual countries.

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The Wiki Scientists course

Wiki Education invites experienced Wikipedia editors with interest or expertise in topics related to climate change or climate finance to participate in a 4-week virtual course where they will work together to improve articles related to climate finance in countries around the world.

From April 22 — May 17 participants will participate in twice-weekly sessions where we will work on sourcing information about climate finance in various countries, refine the model for what these articles should look like, and create at least one article documenting climate finance within a country or region.

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Meet Mondays and Thursdays: 8 live sessions with our Wikipedia experts and a focused group of 10-20 other climate-passionate participants


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3 hours per week of light reading, researching your chosen individual and writing directly on Wikipedia


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Access a collaborative community of Wikipedia experts and professional peers


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Amplify climate finance from your laptop, reaching an audience of millions

Week 1: Introductions

Participants will get to know each other and learn about the importance of covering climate finance on Wikipedia. You will be introduced to the climate change and sustainability community across the Wikipedia and Wikimedia world.

Week 2-3: Drafting

We will focus on looking and digging into sources and help ensure that participants can access the literature. Participants will analyze the coverage of climate finance on Wikipedia to help integrate their new articles with what exists across various language Wikipedias. We will discuss general outlines for what these articles should look like.

Week 4: Completing and polishing

In the final week, we will work on ensuring that all drafts are completed and moved to the  main space. We will create categories and navigation templates that will improve discoverability of the new articles. Participants with limited experience in the Did You Know process will be given help nominating their articles if they so desire.

Email with questions.

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for experienced Wikipedians

Course Dates

May 20, 2024-June 14, 2024

Class Meeting Time

Mondays and Thursdays @ 10 am Eastern/14:00 UTC

Application Deadline

May 19, 2024