Climate solutions exist, but they aren’t happening on the necessary scale to reach the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. Why? We need to shift our cultural mindsets on a collective level in order to cut emissions across all sectors. One shift the public must make is to mobilize capital for climate mitigation and adaptation solutions, but the relationship between climate and finance can be difficult to understand—especially since the concept of sustainable finance is so interdisciplinary.


This year, Wiki Education is leading an initiative to work with climate, finance, and other experts in an effort to help the public understand the necessary role finance plays in neutralizing climate change by adding this knowledge to Wikipedia. We’re excited to announce a series of 8-week free virtual Wiki Scientists courses, guiding subject-matter experts as they learn how to add climate finance and other sustainability knowledge to Wikipedia. We’ll work together to add climate information to pages about finance, finance information to relevant pages about climate change, and to summarize the current approaches to climate finance in different countries and regions.


Together with our partners and participants, we’ll tackle topics from sustainable investing to sustainability standards to different countries’ regulatory requirements, Nationally Determined Contributions, and private sector mobilization. In this relatively new approach for funding and lending, there’s a dearth of information available openly to the public via Wikipedia. Our team of Wikipedia experts will help participants create new Wikipedia articles where needed or identify high-value pages where the information belongs, and they’ll have the potential to reach millions. We’re excited to see the collective impacts scholars and professionals will have over the course of this year.


Please join us in this initiative and sign up for an upcoming course that fits into your area of expertise:
  • Who should apply?: Climate action enthusiasts, finance experts, climate change experts, scientists, scholars, and other subject-matter experts
  • Time commitment per week: 1 hour virtual, collaborative meeting via Zoom; ~4 additional hours of independent work
  • Cost: The full tuition fee for this course is waived by Wiki Education.
  • Goal: to improve Wikipedia articles about improving climate finance to advance public knowledge


Climate Change and Human Rights

May 20–July 15, 2024
Meeting Mondays from 9:00 – 10:00am Pacific (12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern)
Climate change experts, scientists, and scholars will work to improve a article to Wikipedia about climate change as it relates to human rights and vulnerable communities.
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Climate Finance Biographies

May 21–July 9, 2024
Meeting Tuesdays from 10:00 – 11:00am Pacific (1:00 – 2:00pm Eastern)
Climate action enthusiasts, finance experts, and other scholars will work to add at least one biography of a woman leader in climate finance to Wikipedia.
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