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Category: WikiConferenceUSA

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Teaching (more than just) writing with Wikipedia

Zach McDowell, who has taught with Wikipedia at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, shares his experiences, challenges and successes with the assignment. These notes were condensed from his WikiConference USA 2015 presentation.  I’ve been teaching with Wikipedia for going on five years now. It hasn’t always been an “easy” experience, but it has easily been the most rewarding tool … Continued

Wiki Ed and Digital Humanities: Pedagogy that works

Matthew Vetter, who has taught with Wikipedia in courses at Ohio University, shares notes on that experience as they relate to digital humanities and marginalized identities. These notes were condensed from his presentation at WikiConference USA 2015, which you can watch here.  I’ve just returned from Washington DC, where I had the pleasure of speaking … Continued

Wikifying Science Fiction’s “Grand Dame”

Dr. Ximena Gallardo C., Professor of English, and Ann Matsuuchi, Instructional Technology Librarian/Associate Professor, both at LaGuardia Community College, CUNY, share a case study for how Wikipedia assignments can work in higher education classrooms. These notes were condensed from their presentation with LaGuardia Community College alumni Julia Pazmino and Darrian Jemmott at WikiConference USA 2015. Many college … Continued

Chanitra Bishop: 5 ways Wikipedia can help teach research and critical thinking skills

In this post, Chanitra Bishop, Web and Digital Initiatives Librarian at Hunter College, draws from her experiences using Wikipedia in classrooms and libraries. Her recommendations are useful for framing classroom discussions during Wikipedia assignments, or can operate as stand-alone media literacy exercises to complement any kind of assignment.  When it comes to doing research, Wikipedia may … Continued

It’s here! WikiConference USA

It’s time! WikiConference 2015 is this weekend at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Wiki Education Foundation staff are proud to be presenting several presentations this weekend, and a host of others will be led by participants in our programs. We’ve selected just a few most relevant to higher education to share below! Friday You … Continued