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Category: Roundups

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Students write about science for a worldwide audience

“By writing for Wikipedia — writing in an objective, approachable way using credible sources and meeting the standards of the Wikipedia community — students in the sciences learn to collaborate in writing with a far-flung and purpose-driven community and to use their writing skills and access to scholarly sources to improve public access to science.” … Continued

Brown University’s Visiting Scholar expands Wikipedia article about “Joan of Arc” of Syria

Wiki Education’s Visiting Scholars program connects experienced Wikipedians with academic institutions looking to expand the impact of their library collections. The Wikipedian is given remote access to these collections and then improves Wikipedia articles of interest to both parties. Brown University’s Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage was drawn to the program for the opportunity to … Continued

Visiting Scholar improves Wikipedia’s coverage of disability-related topics

Dr. Jackie Koerner is a Visiting Scholar partnered with San Francisco State University’s Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability. The Visiting Scholars program connects experienced Wikipedia editors, like Jackie, with access to academic sources. The partnering university thus expands the reach of their collections, and a Wikipedian is better equipped to continue spreading free knowledge. Jackie created … Continued

Visiting Scholar is representing African artists and activists on Wikipedia

User:Czar is a Visiting Scholar hosted by the Smithsonian Libraries and the National Museum of African Art. That means he has access to high-quality, academic sources to improve a variety of topics on Wikipedia related to African art. On English Wikipedia, subjects from outside the English-speaking world are often underrepresented. These gaps exist due to a variety of factors … Continued

Learn about deep carbon science on Wikipedia thanks to RockMagnetist

Did You Know … that extraterrestrial diamonds in meteorites preserve their history from before the Solar System formed? Extraterrestrial diamonds are a common substance (not much bigger than a molecule) found in space, often in meteorites and stars. If you were to read the Wikipedia article about them, you could learn about their formation in our … Continued

Environmental science students apply their learnings to grow public knowledge around conservation

Millions of people visit Wikipedia every month for information on a wide range of topics. When it comes to scientific topics, Wikipedia is one of the main sources of information available to the public. It is therefore crucial that that information is accurate and comprehensive, especially when readers use that information to make political and … Continued

UPenn Visiting Scholar Gen. Quon is making real progress improving Wikipedia’s coverage of Classics

Paul Thomas is User:Gen. Quon, an active Wikipedian who has helped an impressive 267 Wikipedia articles reach Good Article status, as well as several to reach Featured Article status. In October, we announced that Paul would receive access to scholarly databases to help in his efforts to improve the world’s favorite online encyclopedia. And now, thanks to the … Continued

Wehwalt is ensuring the quality of Wikipedia’s coverage of American political history

Every experienced Wikipedia editor has a different way of improving the valuable resource that is Wikipedia. There are plenty of tasks that fall to these volunteers editors, not only in terms of adding missing content, but also in copy-editing existing material, fact-checking sourced content, checking sources for reliability, consulting with other editors about Wikipedia policy, … Continued

Students translating Wikipedia articles expand coverage of South American colonial history

Wikipedia articles are written and maintained by volunteers, all of whom have differing areas of interest and expertise. Volunteers have varying access to source material, so academic sources, that are often restricted behind paywalls, aren’t well represented on the site. Sometimes, however, sources for a particular topic are plenty, but they’re in another language. That’s … Continued

How students can help inform the public about conservation

When students learn to edit Wikipedia as a course assignment, they make research available to a worldwide audience and improve a resource that millions use daily. Considering that people look to Wikipedia to make behavioral and political decisions, ensuring that the information they find is accurate is an important task. Students have done some great work … Continued