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Category: Roundups

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Roundup: National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, an annual event that celebrates not only the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans, but also the histories and cultures of them and their ancestors from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. This observance lasts until the 15th of the following month and … Continued

Roundup: African Archaeology

For all of his swagger and bravado, Indiana Jones makes a terrible archaeologist. With all due apologies to Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, Indiana was always slightly more interested in the treasure and his fetching female companions than he was with the “who, what, when, where, how, and why” of the historical sites he visited … Continued

Roundup: Budding Linguaphiles

Latin may be the language of love, but Ethnologue says that there are more than 7,000 living languages in the world today. This left students with Andrew Nevins’s Introduction to Linguistics class at Harvard Summer School much to choose from for their Wikipedia coursework. Together his class edited 38 articles, with some students becoming so taken with Wikipedia that … Continued

Roundup: O Canada!

O Canada, land of the maple leaf and the United States’ neighbor in the North. Some see this nation in term of its stereotypes: everyone loves ice hockey, lives in the wilderness, and drink nothing but beer. The truth of the matter, however, is that Canada is a country with a rich culture that is … Continued

Sex in the Tree of Life

The demarcations of human sexuality have become a major issue in the culture wars, but for plants, sexual diversity is the norm. There are plants with “perfect” flowers that are completely hermaphroditic, with fully functional pollen and eggs produced in the same flower. There are monoecious plants, which produce both male and female flowers. There … Continued

Roundup: Disulfide Bonds for Dessert

If I asked you what angel food cake is like, you’d probably talk about it more in terms of texture than taste: light, delicate, airy. Maybe you’ve made one before, and know that texture is created by whipping eggs and sugar together. However, odds are you don’t think about it in terms of hydrogen bonding, … Continued

Roundup: Food Browning

If the only ingredients in caramel are sugar and water, why does it have a taste and smell different from sugar? Why do bananas get darker as they ripen? How do caramelized onions get so sweet? Why do people have different opinions about the center of a piece of bread as opposed to its crust? … Continued

The Roundup: Serious Business

It can be tricky to find publicly accessible, objective information about business-related subjects. It’s more common for there to be monetary incentives to advocate, promote, omit, or underplay particular aspects, points of view, or examples. The concepts can also be complex, weaving together theory, history, law, and a variety of opinions. Effectively writing about business … Continued