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Category: Roundups

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Roundup: Native American Heritage month

In the United States, November is Native American Heritage Month. It is a month to recognize the rights and achievements of indigenous peoples and to provide a platform for the sharing of Native cultures and traditions. In light of this month, we’re highlighting student work in Carwil Bjork-James’ course at Vanderbilt University, titled Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples. … Continued

Roundup: Sociology

We all live together in a society composed of increasingly smaller groups. Even if you focus on the individual level, people still take part in various social relationships and belong to one or more cultures. Putting these groups together forms a complex and intricate web. A sociologist can spend their entire career studying just one … Continued

Roundup: Building Online Communities

Throughout the history of the Internet there have been several attempts to launch an online community that would bring people together to discuss common and/or varied interests. Creating one that would be both successful and long-lasting is a challenge, one that only a few online communities have managed. Benjamin Mako Hill’s Building Successful Online Communities class at … Continued

Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Feminist Economics on Wikipedia

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and has been observed as such since 1981. This week specifically, October 15-21 2017, is the National Network to End Domestic Violence‘s Week of Action. During this time, organizations and advocacy groups work to educate the public on programs, services, and community resources to prevent violence and to support survivors. … Continued

Roundup: Hearing Conservation

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month and National Audiology Awareness Month, a month where audiologists and organizations like the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) would like people to take time out of their day to learn about audiology and how they can prevent noise-related hearing loss in themselves and others. … Continued

Roundup: Censorship

Censorship occurs when someone — an organization, group, government, media outlet, or similar — suppresses something that they believe will be harmful or objectionable. Sometimes people censor in the belief that they are helping to protect others from seeing, hearing, or reading something that is offensive and/or would harm someone. Other times it can be … Continued

Roundup: Banned Books Week

In 1982, library activist Judith Krug held the first Banned Books Week, an event intended to raise awareness of books that had been, or were in danger of being, removed from libraries or having their access restricted. Why 1982? Because earlier that year there had been a record number of attempts to remove or restrict … Continued