Author: Eryk Salvaggio

Author: Eryk Salvaggio

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The Roundup: Sharing stories of women in science

In the early 1930s, you’d have some difficulty finding women in medical courses. It would be near impossible to find women teaching at them. Yet, that’s just one of the notable accomplishments of Dr. Mary Bernheim. She was a British biochemist who, in her work at Cambridge, discovered an enzyme now known as monoamine oxidase … Continued

The Roundup: Life in Mexico

In 1839, the Scottish explorer Frances “Fanny” Erskine Inglis, later known as Fanny Calderón, took a somewhat controversial road trip. Her travels through Mexico, which she documented through letters collected in her 1843 book, Life in Mexico, formed one of the earliest and most influential European travel narratives about Latin America. The book, the only … Continued

The Roundup: Truth and Reconciliation

When a state government owns up to its wrongdoings, the consequences can be severe. The process of uncovering the past is politically wrought, and the findings are often deliberately obscured. Nonetheless, documenting and distributing the findings of these commissions, often through truth commissions, is an essential part of a government holding itself accountable for human rights … Continued

Monthly Report for August 2016

Highlights The Classroom Program has been busy onboarding instructors for the fall term. The fall marks the second half of the Year of Science, and continues Wiki Ed’s trend of growth. We’ve nearly doubled the number of supported courses compared to this time last fall. Wiki Ed staff was on the road in August, promoting … Continued

5 ways you can help Wiki Ed!

The Wiki Education Foundation is a wholly independent non-profit organization. Donations off banners at the top of Wikipedia articles don’t go to us (only donations at do). We don’t charge our program participants for our services (although support is always appreciated!). Instead, we rely on your enthusiasm to help us grow. We know time is a … Continued