Welcome to our new Dashboard development intern Ivana

head shot of Ivana Novakovic-Lekovic
Ivana Novakovic-Lekovic. All rights reserved.

This month, we have a new software development intern working on the Dashboard: Ivana Novakovic-Lekovic.

After earning degrees in economics and computer science, Ivana spent nearly two decades working as a professional newspaper journalist and editor in Montenegro. Now she’s working on a career shift, and she’s off to a strong start as a capable developer. You can get to know a little more about Ivana from her introductory blog post: “Who am I? A woman who started coding at 42. An aspiring full-stack developer with a Bootcamp education and about a year of programming experience. A single mother of a teenage girl, passionate about new experiences, new places, new people.”

Ivana’s Outreachy internship project focuses on improving the Dashboard’s support for Wikidata-centric courses and editing events. As a start, she’s improving the Dashboard’s terminology for Wikidata programs — using “Item” in place of “Article” in many places throughout the interface, for example. For the next phase of the project, she’ll work on improving and showcasing Wikidata-specific statistics, so that the Dashboard can highlight things like Wikidata statements created or edited, descriptions added, and other fine-grained Wikidata data points. I’m co-mentoring the project alongside our Wikidata Program Manager, Will Kent.

Look for updates over the next few months on the Programs & Events Dashboard news feed, or for the more technically oriented, follow along with Ivana’s work on GitHub.


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