A roadmap for Programs & Events Dashboard

Programs & Events Dashboard now has a public roadmap. Based largely on the results of the recent 2021 Programs & Events Dashboard user survey, this roadmap sketches out the current plans for improvements to Programs & Events Dashboard.

The roadmap will evolve over time, and you can use it to keep track of what features we’re currently working on and plan to work on next. For anything we’re actively working on, it will also link to the main Issue thread for that feature, which is a good place to ask questions and provide feedback. (The Dashboard’s Meta talk page is also always a welcome place for questions and suggestions.)

I’m looking forward to getting started on the first couple projects on the roadmap: around January, I’ll be doing user research to develop a clearer idea of what a ‘campaign of campaigns’ feature will look like, and I also hope to mentor an Outreachy intern to work on enhancing the way the Dashboard presents statistics for Wikidata-focused programs.

Programs & Events Dashboard is used for more than 2,000 programs and events each year, with more than 600 active ongoing events at a time. Supporting the needs of program organizers across the Wikimedia movement through supporting and improving the Dashboard is one of Wiki Education’s key priorities. If you have ideas about the future of the Dashboard and how it can better serve Wikimedians around the world, we’d love to hear from you. (And if you’re a Rails or React developer or UX designer interested in helping out as an open source contributor, we’d also love to hear from you!)


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