The Roundup: The Cost of News

From the University of Southern Indiana’s Intro to Mass Communication course, taught by Dr. Chad Tew, this week we’re sharing Wikipedia articles, created or expanded by students, and about journalists killed while reporting.

Simone Camilli and Ali Shehda Abu Afash were both killed reporting on the 2014 Israeli-Gaza conflict. Naseem Intriri and Walid Bledi were killed while making a documentary about Syrian refugees; the Syrian government called them “infiltrators.” Or read about Claude Verlon, the journalist Al Qaeda claims to have killed while he was on assignment in Mali. Or Michael Deane, a journalist killed covering what Humans Rights Watch described as “Egypt’s bloodiest day.”

Read about Larry Dale Lee, an American journalist killed in Guatemala. Then read about the unsolved murder of a Guatemalan radio journalist killed in his car as he arrived to work. Related: Crime in Guatemala, from Drake University’s Global Youth Studies course, taught by Dr. Darcie Vandegrift.


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