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Over the past eight terms of running the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada, we have helped more than 300 instructors implement a Wikipedia assignment. Through their experiences and feedback, we put together some assignment design guidelines as well as online trainings for both instructors and students.

If you’re interested in using Wikipedia as a teaching tool in your classroom, here’s the information you need to know. Have questions not answered here? Reach out to us at contact(at)

Learn the basics

The instructor training and the instructor basics brochure will walk you through the editing basics and community norms on Wikipedia that we think are most important for designing an assignment that sets your students up for success.

Training for educators

Training for educators: start here to learn how to get involved with Wikipedia and how to design a successful editing assignment.


Instructor Basics: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool. This PDF brochure gives an overview of how the Classroom Program works and how to run a Wikipedia editing assignment in your class.

Assignment planning

If you haven’t yet spoken to a Wikipedia Education Program representative about your assignment plan, you should find these three resources helpful. Our Case Studies collection highlights some of the different models—and different learning objectives—for incorporating Wikipedia into a course. The Syllabus collection lets you see in detail how others have run successful assignments; in particular, the model 12-week syllabus represents our current recommendations for a full-term Wikipedia research and writing assignment.

Each term, we also update our Essentials brochure to provide a straightforward checklist for getting started with your Wikipedia assignment.


Case Studies: see what others have done, and add your own case study.


The Syllabus: a model full-term “write a Wikipedia article assignment, and a collection of real syllabi from past terms.


The Essentials: What to do before the term starts, a PDF that walks through just what to do to participate in the Wiki Education Foundation’s Classroom Program.


Motivating students

The “Listen to Wikipedia” website is a fun way to generate excitement and introduce a class to the pace of change on Wikipedia. Article traffic statistics are also great for motivating students at the beginning of a Wikipedia assignment.

Listen to Wikipedia

Listen to Wikipedia: musical tones and visualizations for every edit made to Wikipedia, live as it happens.

Article traffic statistics slim

Article traffic statistics: see how many views an article gets each day.

Teaching tools

All students should go through the Wikipedia training for students, which takes about an hour.  Completing the training is usually the first required step in any Wikipedia assignment.

We also have a range of print (or PDF) resources, which you may find useful, depending on the details of your assignment. The trio of brochures—Editing Wikipedia, Illustrating Wikipedia, and Evaluating Wikipedia—are general resources for newcomers, while the packet of classroom handouts has specific, detailed instructions for the key steps in common Wikipedia writing assignments: from choosing an article, to creating a new article from scratch, to requesting help. (If you prefer, you can download any of these handouts individually.)

Student training square

Training for students: we recommend that you assign your students to go through this training. They’ll get to learn the rules, practice the basics of wiki markup, and review encyclopedic writing styles and citation standards.

Choosing an article

Classroom handouts: 8 single-page handouts in one PDF, with detailed instructions for common tasks.


Editing Wikipedia is a 20-page brochure that introduces newcomers to the basics of contributing to Wikipedia. It covers the basic rules, how to write in encyclopedic style, and how to use and interpret wiki markup.


Illustrating Wikipedia is a guide to contributing photos and other media to Wikimedia Commons, and adding those contributions to Wikipedia articles.


Evaluating Wikipedia is an 8-page primer on taking a critical look at the strengths and weaknesses of a Wikipedia article, exploring its history, and learning from its related Talk page discussions.

Selecting article topics

A lot of instructors find it useful to select the articles for the class based on their own expertise and any obvious scholarship gaps relevant to the course topic. If you have decided to allow your students to select their articles, please distribute this handout and review notability guidelines and reference requirements in class. You may want to ask your Ambassador or a Wikipedia editor within an appropriate WikiProject to approve new article topics.

Course pages

The course page system on Wikipedia lets you and other editors monitor student contributions throughout the term. You can use our Course Page WIzard to customize your own course page, such as this one from an experienced instructor in our program. To create a course page, you can follow these steps in the training.

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