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Join us for a Zoom Webinar previewing our exciting upcoming courses. At this presentation workshop, Melissa Joseph, our Outreach Coordinator will begin with a brief presentation about our upcoming courses, empowering scholars to make impactful contributions on Wikipedia.
Discover the future with our courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills that matter. Our upcoming webinar offers an exclusive sneak peek into our diverse range of transformative programs:

Wikidata Institute

Dive into the world of data and gain expertise in harnessing the power of Wikidata. Explore its endless possibilities and learn how to leverage this invaluable resource effectively.

Climate Finance – Biographies

Delve into Wikipedia’s guidelines, focusing on biographies of living persons, notability, and sourcing.

Medical Wiki Scholars

Help contribute to general medical-related Wikipedia topics/articles.

Reproductive & Women’s Health

LGBTQ+ Rights

Add your expertise and research to this area that has already reached over 10 million readers and expand Wikipedia’s coverage of LGBTQ+ Rights topics

Civil Rights

Explore the intersectionality of identities and their role in the civil rights movement


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Tuesday, December 5 at 1 pm EST
Thursday, December 7 at 5 pm EST
Friday, December 8 at 3 PM EST


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