Northeastern University

Rosiestep is a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University in 2017-2018, hosted by the Women Writers Project, part of the university’s Digital Services Group. Rosie has written hundreds of articles about women writers on Wikipedia, and has received extensive recognition for her work on Wikipedia. She was named 2016 co-Wikipedian of the Year, for her advocacy of important Wikipedia-related issues and has coordinated major community projects like the Teahouse and Women in Red.

Highlights: Emma Augusta Sharkey, Mary Louise Booth, Emeline S. Burlingame, Florence Huntley, Louise Chandler Moulton, Lucinda Barbour Helm, Eliza D. Keith, Ella Maria Dietz Clymer, Catharine Hitchcock Tilden Avery, Christian Reid, Louisa Susannah Cheves McCord, Minnie S. Davis, Catharine Sedgwick, Lucy M. Hall, Julia C. R. Dorr.

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