Category: Wikipedia Year of Science

Category: Wikipedia Year of Science

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Wikipedia: A field trip to the public sphere

We’ve been talking all year about how Wikipedia is a platform for the public communication of science. Student editors have contributed nearly 2,500 science articles to Wikipedia so far this year. Those have been seen more than 80 million times. Most of those courses are researching science topics, and contributing to the articles about those … Continued

How Wikipedia is unlocking scientific knowledge

The scientific community has a vested interest in a well-informed society, and the public at large is yearning for accurate scientific information. Despite these intersecting goals, a large gulf still persists between scientific expertise and public knowledge. In an age of instant access to information, reliable scientific knowledge still remains out of reach for many … Continued

The Roundup: Under the sea

Millions of people use Wikipedia to find out quick facts about nearly everything. Sea life is no exception. Wikipedia, “the Internet’s favorite website,” has a greater share of mobile traffic than CNN, Fox News, and USA Today combined. It’s an unprecedentedly powerful public resource and science communications opportunity. Students from Millersville University of Pennsylvania’s Seminar … Continued

The Roundup: Sharing stories of women in science

In the early 1930s, you’d have some difficulty finding women in medical courses. It would be near impossible to find women teaching at them. Yet, that’s just one of the notable accomplishments of Dr. Mary Bernheim. She was a British biochemist who, in her work at Cambridge, discovered an enzyme now known as monoamine oxidase … Continued