Category: Monthly Reports

Category: Monthly Reports

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Monthly​ ​Report,​ August 2019

Highlights Our longest-running Scholars & Scientists partnership has been with the National Archives and Records Administration. We just wrapped up the last two of the six  Scholars & Scientists courses we offered with NARA’s partnership.  We created seven training modules that explore different aspects of Wikidata, including Evaluating Data on Wikidata, Adding to Wikidata, and … Continued

Monthly Report, July 2019

Highlights July felt like Wikidata month at Wiki Education! This month we launched two exciting ways to learn about Wikidata: in person workshops and online courses. We facilitated our very first Wikidata workshop, a day-long, in person meeting hosted by METRO in New York. The 14 participants in this course added nearly 160 references to … Continued

Monthly Report, June 2019

Highlights Wiki Education’s board of trustees unanimously approved our plan & budget for 2019/20 at our board meeting this month. The senior leadership team was excited to report the organization’s already substantial progress toward its three-year strategic plan and we all look forward to continuing our work to actualize it. In June we not only … Continued

​Monthly​ ​Report,​ May 2019

Highlights We saw a surge in interest for the final Wiki Scholars course run in collaboration with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), so we decided to run an additional NARA Wiki Scholars course this summer (see below). Similarly, the Society of Family Planning (SFP) received so many applications for their summer Wiki Scientists … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ April 2019

Highlights Chief Programs Officer LiAnna Davis traveled to Donostia-San Sebastian for the Wikimedia + Education Conference, hosted by the Basque Wikimedians User Group. At the conference, LiAnna connected with other education program leaders from Wikimedia organizations globally, gained insights into how others are solving their programmatic challenges, and shared our learnings. We received a previously … Continued

Monthly Report, February 2019

Highlights In February, Wiki Education formally started a partnership with the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC). CCCC is a professional organization of scholars and teachers of composition and rhetoric, advocating for broad and evolving definitions of literacy, rhetoric, and writing. The organization wants to encourage its membership to participate in Wiki Education’s programs … Continued

Monthly Report, March 2019

Highlights Chief Programs Officer and Deputy Director LiAnna Davis attended the Wikimedia Summit in Berlin, Germany at the end of March. The gathering of representatives of Wikimedia organizations was an opportunity to give feedback on the Wikimedia strategy process to working group members. LiAnna met up with many members of the global Wikimedia community, gaining … Continued

Monthly Report, January 2019

Highlights Wiki Education hosted 2019’s first in-person board meeting in the Presidio of San Francisco in late January. On this occasion, board and staff celebrated Wiki Education’s fifth anniversary. We started third round of our Wiki Scholars professional development course with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Ten people from a wide range of … Continued

Monthly Report, December 2018

Highlights Our professional development pilot program was featured this month as part of William Beutler’s “Top Ten Wikipedia Stories of 2018“. Our model of professional development courses offers a potential solution to engaging more academics and subject-matter experts in Wikipedia editing; it seems like the Wikipedia community is as eager as we are to see … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ November ​2018

Highlights Chief Programs Officer LiAnna Davis attended WikiCite 2018, a three-day conference in Berkeley, California, aimed at creating an open repository of all bibliographic data. WikiCite brings together Wikimedia community members, especially those who work on Wikidata, librarians, and other professionals whose work is connected to citations. The conference is structured as learning day, a … Continued