Wikidata in-person workshops

Wikidata in-person workshops

Seize opportunities in open linked data at one of our one-day, in-person workshops!

We’ll be hosting Wikidata learning workshops in Boston, DC, and New York City in July 2019.


This workshop will…

  • Teach you how to contribute items, properties, references, qualifiers, and ranks to Wikidata
  • Ground you in data ethics, advantages of linked data, and Wikidata policies
  • Give you a firm grasp on how Wikidata’s community operates
  • Provide training modules on Wikidata’s best practices, interface, and applications
  • Teach you about data visualization from Wikidata to better illustrate contributions
  • Have you use Wikidata’s query system to answer questions
  • Introduce you to a series of resources to help identify projects for the future


Our upcoming one-day workshops take place at the Metropolitan New York Library Council in New York and at the National Archives in Washington, DC. Sign up for either option below!


Thursday, July 11th           Monday, July 15th

NY Workshop           DC Workshop


If you’re interested in receiving updates about other workshop opportunities OR if you’d like to bring one of our Wikidata specialists to your campus for an in-person workshop, contact



Image by Maialen Andres-Foku, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.