Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

Current Institutions

Read about why these institutions are drawn to participate in the Visiting Scholars program here.


Current Scholars

These are the experienced editors currently working with educational institutions to improve Wikipedia in the Visiting Scholars program.


    Rutgers University

    Amqui began his Visiting Scholars position with Rutgers University in 2018. He has been a Wikipedian since 2006 and has created over 1,900 articles on the French Wikipedia alone. Currently, he is working in the Wikiversity to develop language resources, through a portal that he created called Wikilang.

    Using Rutgers’ vast resources, Amqui continues in his efforts to preserve endangered and less-popularly spoken languages.

        Barbara (WVS)

        University of Pittsburgh

        Barbara (WVS) (also edits as Bfpage) has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh since 2015. She contributes to a wide range of topics, often inspired by the University of Pittsburgh’s collections on historical topics.

        Barbara has improved more than 1,000 articles, including well over 100 new ones, which have been viewed more than 100 million times. She has contributed information to Wikipedias in eight different languages: English, Simple English, Kreyol Ayisen, Portuguese, Italian, German, Esperanto, and French.

        Highlights: trichomoniasis, adolescent sexuality, bacteriocin, Bifidobacterium longum, breastfeeding, feline zoonosis, gut flora, Lactobacillus paracasei, chlamydia infection, Staphylococcus aureus, miscarriage, thrombosis prevention, Henrietta Crosman, Whiskey Rebellion.



            Smithsonian Institution

            Czar is a Visiting Scholar at the Smithsonian Institution during 2017-2018, sponsored by Smithsonian Libraries and the National Museum of African Art. He is an experienced Wikipedia administrator and prolific content writer, having taken several entries to Featured Article (FA) or Good Article (GA) status.

            Highlights: 1:54, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, National Museum of African Art.

            Read a blog post about Czar’s work here.

                Gen. Quon

                University of Pennsylvania

                Gen. Quon is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania for 2017-2018, improving Wikipedia’s coverage of Classics topics. His focus is on pre-Imperial Rome, Latin, and history, but also some articles about Imperial, Late, and Medieval Latin. He is an experienced Wikipedian with nearly 50,000 edits, including well over 250 Good Articles and several Featured Articles in a range of topic areas.

                Highlights: Astronomica, Liber physiognomiae

                Read Gen. Quon’s reflection about his VS experience here, and a roundup about his Good and Featured articles here.


                    San Francisco State University

                    Jackiekoerner is a Visiting Scholar at San Francisco State University for 2016-17, working with the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of disability-related topics.

                    Having completed her dissertation on ableism and the medical model of disability at the Saint Louis University School of Education, Jackiekoerner now edits Wikipedia to put the knowledge she’s gained to use, contributing to an open educational resource available to a large and diverse community of learners.

                    Highlights: 504 Sit-in, disability in the United States, Superfest International Disability Film Festival.

                    Read Jackie’s reflection of her VS experience here, and blog posts about her work’s impact here and here.


                        Brown University

                        Owlsmcgee is a Visiting Scholar at Brown University during 2017-2018, focused on improving Wikipedia’s coverage of ethnic studies topics. He is sponsored by the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

                        Since becoming a Wikipedian around 2015, Owlsmcgee has made substantial contributions to a number of articles on Japanese culture, women in the arts, and political prisoners. He earned a masters degree in Global Communications from the London School of Economics in 2013, where he focused on media portrayals of ethnic minorities and migrant communities in Japan and the UK.

                        Highlights: black cowboys, Canales investigation, Cockstock Iincident, Oregon black exclusion laws.

                        Read Owlsmcgee’s reflections about his Visiting Scholars experience here, and blog posts about his work here and here.


                            Deep Carbon Observatory

                            RockMagnetist is a Visiting Scholar at the Deep Carbon Observatory for 2017-2018, improving Wikipedia’s coverage of topics relevant to deep carbon science. He is a long-time contributor and administrator; if you’ve read about geophysics-related subjects on Wikipedia, there’s a very good chance you could find his username somewhere in the articles’ edit histories. Outside of Wikipedia, he is an Associate Research Professor in the Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences department at North Carolina State University, specializing in rock magnetism.

                            Highlights: extraterrestrial diamonds, list of mineralogists, Mark S. Ghiorso, organic mineral.

                            Read a roundup of RockMagnetist’s work here and a reflection he wrote about being a Visiting Scholar here.


                                Northeastern University

                                Rosiestep is a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University in 2017-2018, hosted by the Women Writers Project, part of the university’s Digital Services Group. Rosie has written hundreds of articles about women writers on Wikipedia, and has received extensive recognition for her work on Wikipedia. She was named 2016 co-Wikipedian of the Year, for her advocacy of important Wikipedia-related issues and has coordinated major community projects like the Teahouse and Women in Red.

                                Highlights: Emma Augusta Sharkey, Mary Louise Booth, Emeline S. Burlingame, Florence Huntley, Louise Chandler Moulton, Lucinda Barbour Helm, Eliza D. Keith, Ella Maria Dietz Clymer, Catharine Hitchcock Tilden Avery, Christian Reid, Louisa Susannah Cheves McCord, Minnie S. Davis, Catharine Sedgwick, Lucy M. Hall, Julia C. R. Dorr.

                                Read blog posts about Rosie’s impact here and here.


                                    University of Windsor

                                    Textaural is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Windsor. He has been a Visiting Scholar since 2018. His research explores historical and contemporary issues concerning the political design of encyclopedic knowledge. He has contributed to several topics related to encyclopedias and encyclopedism. He has also made several contributions to Wikisource.

                                    Using the University of Windsor’s collections, Steve focuses on cross-border culture, First Nations history in the Essex county/Detroit River area, early French History of the Detroit River area, Windsor/Sandwich’s Underground Railroad, and First Nations sports history.


                                        George Mason University

                                        Wehwalt has been a Visiting Scholar at George Mason University since 2014, focusing on historical figures and coinage. He is one of Wikipedia’s most prolific editors of Featured. As a Visiting Scholar at GMU he has taken 50 articles to that level, some of which were first Good Articles. 15 appeared on the Main Page with Did You Know hooks.

                                        Highlights: George Mason, James A. Garfield, Millard Fillmore, Mr. Dooley, Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., Spiro Agnew, The Founding Ceremony of the Nation, The Phantom Tollbooth, Warren G. Harding, William Howard Taft.

                                        Find Wehwalt’s reflections about his VS experience here, and blog post about Wehwalt’s Featured Articles here.




                                            DePaul University

                                            Briancua (talk · contribs) was a Visiting Scholar at DePaul University for 2015-16, improving articles about Chicago history, Catholic social justice studies, and Vincentian Studies.

                                            Highlights: Helen Prejean


                                                McMaster University

                                                Dnllnd was a Visiting Scholar at McMaster University during 2015-16, improving articles about overlooked or underrepresented people and events. In her time as a Visiting Scholar, Dnllnd created or improved more than 40 articles on a number of subjects.

                                                Highlights: Lady Constance MallesonLouise Bennett-CoverleyBasil H. Johnston, Marian Engel, Canadian Indian residential school system.

                                                Read Dnllnd’s reflections about her VS experience here.


                                                    Rollins College

                                                    M2545 was a Visiting Scholar at Rollins College in 2016-17, focusing on urbanization in Florida and the southern United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and on Cuba-Florida connections. In her time as Visiting Scholar, she created or improved dozens of timeline articles about cities in Cuba and the southern United States, created 116 articles, and improved about 100 others in the focus topic areas. She also uploaded almost 600 relevant images to Wikimedia Commons.

                                                    Highlights: Timeline of Havana, list of Cuban-American writers, timeline of Macon, Georgia, list of newspapers in Texas.

                                                    Read M2545’s reflections about her VS experience here.


                                                        University of San Francisco

                                                        Lingzhi was a Visiting Scholar at the University of San Francisco from 2016-17, focusing on topics related to rhetoric and language. He is a veteran editor with considerable experience improving articles of varying topics at the highest levels of quality.

                                                        Highlights: Critical period hypothesis


                                                            University of Pittsburgh

                                                            Seattle was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh between 2015-2017, focused on topics related to the history of Pittsburgh. Seattle added dozens of images from the University of Pittsburgh’s collections to Wikimedia Commons, including a set of photos of Pittsburgh mayors. He also created or improved more than 75 articles.

                                                            Highlights: Robert Schmertz, Mark Baldwin, The Ohio History: Its Inner History.