Wikipedia Visiting Scholars

Wikipedia Visiting Scholars

Wikipedia is a highway to discovery

Wikipedia gets 8,000 views per second and 500 million monthly visitors. It’s the top online educational resource on the planet, with more links from search engines than any other site.1

That’s a powerful opportunity for universities to engage the public. Just ask the University of Washington library. When they added links from relevant Wikipedia articles to pieces in their digital archives, monthly traffic to those pieces grew by 700 percent.2

Sponsor a Visiting Scholar

The Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program is a way for Wikipedians and university libraries to expand the impact of their collections while improving Wikipedia in areas of mutual interest.

We connect university libraries, departments, and other institutions with experienced Wikipedia editors. The university provides remote access to research resources, such as academic journals and digital collections, for a temporary position called a “Wikipedia Visiting Scholar.” We connect those universities to Wikipedians whose topic interests and editing experiences can make best use of a campus library’s digital collection or a department’s research database.

Institutions determine the number of articles they would like to see, how long the scholar’s term lasts, and how they incorporate the scholar into their resources. There is no compensation for the Visiting Scholar beyond access to those resources, and the Visiting Scholar is remote.

Measure your impact

Wiki Education provides detailed information to the host university and the Visiting Scholar, including pageviews for every edited article to help measure their impact.

More details:

Get involved!

If you’re a representative from a university library, department, or other institution looking to expand the reach of your collections by sharing resources with Wikipedia, or if you are a Wikipedia editor looking to become a Visiting Scholar, contact