Women in Red Wiki Scholars

Women in Red Wiki Scholars

“Learning how to edit and create Wikipedia pages was such a joy because my efforts were put towards a cause I deeply care about.” *


When you want to learn about a scientist, technologist, or business person, a quick Google search will probably take you to her Wikipedia biography. But what if she doesn’t have one?

Only 18% of Wikipedia biographies are about women. According to Wikipedia’s notability and sourcing guidelines, in order to warrant a biography a person must receive coverage in secondary sources. But women are covered less in the media and journalists approach them less often for interviews. It’s cyclical: When it comes to public perceptions of whether someone is important, not having a Wikipedia biography weighs into that judgement. While women face a variety of barriers to inclusion on Wikipedia, the biggest barrier remains the simplest one: if no one takes the time to create the Wikipedia biography, it won’t exist.

How can I get involved in the movement?

This is a networking opportunity to collaboratively write and research with scholars across institutions and disciplines. Pulling together Wikipedia experts, detailed training, and hands-on guidance, this course will help you join the online community of Wikipedians and inspire the next generation of women in STEM, business, and health professions.

Course details

Enrollment currently closed

  • Course dates: Tuesdays 1-2pm PST / 4-5pm EST, April 7 – June 9, 2020 (12 weeks)
  • Time commitment per week: 1 hour virtual, collaborative meeting; 2 additional hours of independent work
  • Goal: Create or improve Wikipedia biographies about 2 notable women


We encourage you to seek professional development funds to cover the cost of tuition. We’re happy to work with you to provide your department or organization more information about the course. For more information, contact samantha@wikiedu.org

  • Individual rate: $1,000 USD
  • Group rate: Enroll in a group of two or more for $800 USD tuition each.
  • Financial aid is available for those without access to professional development funds.




“It was incredibly satisfying to help create a page for someone I so respected.” *


Testimonials & Impact

When Samantha Kao learned that roughly 80-85% of Wikipedia editors are white men and only about 17% of Wikipedia biographies feature women, she knew she had to do something. Read more…

Karen Kwon saw our course as an opportunity to act as a counterbalancing force to the ways women (specifically in STEM fields) are discredited. Read more…

Dr. Claire Jarvis noticed that a prominent chemist was missing a biography, so she created one for her. Read more…


If the above course time doesn’t work, please fill out the form below to receive updates on future course opportunities. Direct any questions here or to samantha@wikiedu.org.