Leverage the National Archives as a Wiki Scholar

Leverage the National Archives as a Wiki Scholar

Give voice to the millions of women who have struggled for a political voice in the century since the 19th amendment was adopted. Become a Wiki Scholar, add this history to Wikipedia, and educate the world.



In May 2019, the National Archives Museum will launch an exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Visitors will learn more about the history of suffrage in the United States, basic civics, suffragists, why voting matters, the women who were disenfranchised after the 19th amendment, and struggles that persist today. When visitors leave the exhibit and look for more information about the history of women’s suffrage, they will look to Wikipedia.

In collaboration with the National Archives, Wiki Education is offering a virtual professional development course to train scholars like you to improve articles on Wikipedia related to topics about women’s suffrage. When visitors leave Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote, they will find deeper context on Wikipedia about these important topics.

Pulling together Wikipedia experts, detailed Wikipedia training, and tips to navigate the National Archives’ extensive digital collections, this is the only skills-development course of its kind worldwide. Participants will join the online community of Wikipedians, utilize emerging modes of knowledge transmission, and make a broader impact with their scholarship by reaching millions. 

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As the National Archives’ mission states, public access to government records strengthens democracy by allowing Americans to claim their rights of citizenship, hold their government accountable, and understand their history so they can participate more effectively in their government.

The National Archives is collaborating with Wiki Education in this professional development course to expand the avenues by which the public accesses this information. You can make a meaningful impact on public knowledge about women’s suffrage by improving Wikipedia, a platform that hundreds of millions of people look to for information each month.

You will become a certified Wiki Scholar upon course completion, taking an active role in ensuring that the world’s most popular reference source is more representative, accurate, and complete.

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