Covering the Midterm Elections

Covering the Midterm Elections

“The public looks to Wikipedia to make informed political decisions. If I can make that information more accurate and complete, that’s a good use of my time.”

As part of Wiki Education’s ongoing efforts to improve politically relevant topic areas on Wikipedia, we have supported academic experts in improving Wikipedia articles on issues and candidates related to the 2018 midterm elections in the United States. Voters often consult Wikipedia seeking neutral, fact-based information as they go to the polls, and this course seeks to bolster the availability and accuracy of that information.

We partnered with three academic associations to fill seats in this course: the American Sociological Association, the Midwest Political Science Association, and the National Women’s Studies Association. Each association expressed interest in empowering their members to give the public more tools to make informed decisions in their political lives. Meet past course participants here.

The Dashboard

The progress of each course is measured on Wiki Education’s management tool, which we call the Dashboard. The Dashboard allows participants to easily collaborate as they improve Wikipedia articles and allows them to track their stats along the way. The Dashboard is also where course participants take assigned trainings to familiarize themselves with Wikipedia’s policies and practices.

Summer 2018

Examples of good work

Scholars inform voters by improving political topics on Wikipedia

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