Communicating Science through Wikipedia

Communicating Science through Wikipedia

Wiki Education is one of the only organizations systematically improving Wikipedia’s coverage of science. And we’re doing that through our Communicating Science initiative and our professional development courses. Our courses engage subject matter experts in bringing their expertise to the world’s fifth most visited website. These scholars and professionals learn how to create, expand, and/or improve articles as part of a three-month, Wiki Education-facilitated virtual course. Get a sense for past participants here.

The Dashboard

The progress of each course is measured on Wiki Education’s management tool, which we call the Dashboard. The Dashboard allows participants to easily collaborate as they improve Wikipedia articles and allows them to track their stats along the way. The Dashboard is also where course participants take assigned trainings to familiarize themselves with Wikipedia’s policies and practices.



Dr. Sine Anahita, Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Royal G. Cravens III, Lecturer, Political Science

Madeline Gottlieb, fourth year doctoral student, Environmental Science

Dr. Laura L. Hoopes, Professor, Biology and Molecular Biology

Dr. Claire Jarvis, Postdoctoral Scientist, Chemistry

Samantha Kao, graduate student, Mathematics

Dr. Michael Ramirez, Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Bradley Zopf, Assistant Professor, Sociology

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