Communicating Science on Wikipedia

Communicating Science on Wikipedia

Wiki Education’s virtual course for scientists interested in expanding their science communication tool belt. 

Scientists recognize the importance of communicating about science to the general public. When scientific information reaches outside of the academy, more people are equipped to make better informed political and behavioral choices. But how effective are the current channels scientists are using to reach people outside their specific scientific communities?

Wikipedia provides scientists with an opportunity to reach millions with their scholarship. It’s the most effective way to put reliable, up-to-date scientific information into the hands of everyone, everywhere.

Wiki Education is one of the only organizations systematically improving Wikipedia’s coverage of science. We’ve developed the necessary infrastructure to help individuals navigate the site’s technical, procedural, and cultural practices. Scientists in our three-month Communicating Science on Wikipedia virtual course learn how to create, expand, and/or improve articles in their field. And they take these skills (science communication, knowledge of open access resources, Wikicoding skills, digital literacy, and new pedagogical approaches) with them into a wide range of careers and scholarship work.

Course alumni have created and improved a wide range of articles across scientific disciplines, many of which have since received tens of thousands of pageviews.


“Editing Wikipedia as a newbie is hard. Wiki Education can show academics the ropes.” *

Course details

Participants meet once-a-week virtually to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of scientific topics.

The $1,500 cost of this opportunity covers collaborative group sessions with peers, access to hands-on support from Wikipedia experts, and technical training so you can successfully contribute to Wikipedia. Consider seeking professional development funds for this opportunity. We’re happy to work with you to provide your department or organization more information about the course. Aid is available for qualified individuals.

Participants are awarded a shareable certificate issued by Wiki Education upon course completion.


  • No experience with Wikipedia is required or expected.
  • Available for virtual meetings on Zoom, weekly for one hour.
  • Participants commit 3 hours/week, including training and online meetings.
  • Participants will make significant contributions to at least two Wikipedia articles by the end of the course.

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Gain knowledge of this powerful tool and join likeminded scholars in this unique writing experience. Contact with questions or to receive updates about upcoming opportunities.

Testimonials of course alumni

Dr. Sine Anahita, Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Royal G. Cravens III, Lecturer, Political Science

Madeline Gottlieb, fourth year doctoral student, Environmental Science

Dr. Laura L. Hoopes, Professor, Biology and Molecular Biology

Dr. Claire Jarvis, Postdoctoral Scientist, Chemistry

Samantha Kao, graduate student, Mathematics

Dr. Michael Ramirez, Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. Bradley Zopf, Assistant Professor, Sociology


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