Wikipedia advanced training course

Wikipedia advanced training course

Connect with other experienced Wiki Education alumni toward a common purpose. Further develop your Wikipedia skills, help inform voters, and reach millions. 

You’ve taken a Wikipedia training course with us, and now you want to dive even deeper. Join our staff and other past course participants in improving high-pageview Wikipedia pages about voting rights or science policy.

Skills you’ll gain

This is both an exercise in collaborative writing and research with other scholars, and an opportunity to get involved more deeply with the Wikipedia community. Hone your new Wikipedia skills and reach millions with your work.


Last year, Wiki Education supported six such change-makers as they worked together to re-write the Wikipedia page about the 19th amendment in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of women’s suffrage. Together, they wrote almost 70% of the article’s content, brought it up to Good Article status, and helped improve public access to this important point in American history for more than 2,000 readers a day.

With the upcoming 2020 elections, we’re looking for a new group of change-makers to work together to improve a range of topics (depending on registrant interest) related to voting rights or science policy.

Course dates

  • Timing: Course participants meet online once a week between the weeks of February 24th – March 27th, 2020.  Class timing to be determined based on registrant availability.
  • Goal: Significantly expand Wikipedia pages about voting rights or science policy.
  • Cost: $200. Financial aid is available by application.


  • The course is exclusive to scholars who have already been through an introductory Wikipedia Fellows, Wiki Scholars, or Wiki Scientists course.






History books often focus on the white change-makers of the suffrage movement. Until last year, it was no different on Wikipedia. The article documenting the Nineteenth Amendment, which prohibited governments from discriminating against voters on the basis of sex, not only centered the narrative on white people, but on white men. 6 Wiki Scholars changed that and now the article has earned Good Article status. Read more…


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Image by Nikita Kozin from the Noun Project, CC BY-SA.