Our programs

Our programs

Our programs connect higher education resources to the publishing power of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Student Program

Our core program supports university instructors who incorporate Wikipedia assignments into their classrooms. Student editors receive an enriching service learning opportunity. Students develop writing, research, critical thinking, and media literacy skills. Along the way, they expand access to free knowledge through Wikipedia. Students have had a measurable impact since 2010. (See more…)

Wikipedia Professional Development

In our courses, we train scholars, scientists, and other professionals in Wikipedia’s technical, procedural, and cultural practices. Upon course completion, participants are able to channel their unique voices to make the site more reliable, factual, and equitable for the benefit of all. (See more…)

Educational Partnerships

Our Educational Partnerships work establishes partnership agreements with academic associations. Together, we target specific disciplines for improvement on Wikipedia. (See more…)

Visiting Scholars

Through the Visiting Scholars Program, university departments create voluntary, remotely accessible research positions. We match those positions to interested Wikipedia editors. The editor creates high-quality articles on topics of interest to both parties. In exchange, the department provides a university login, library database access, and other resources. (See more…)