Wiki Ed’s new Dashboard system: Frequently Asked Questions

Wiki Ed’s new Dashboard system: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wiki Ed using a new course page system?

The old Wikipedia-based course page system provided significant challenges to everyone: Instructors found the user right request and wiki code confusing and difficult to use, Wikipedia editors found it hard to track student activity, and Wiki Ed staff spent significant time troubleshooting problems and creating workarounds. And because it was based in MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia, it was challenging to get any features added or changed. We’ve designed the new Dashboard system based on feedback from our program participants, and we’ll be able to continue to develop features for it over the coming terms.

Why should I use Wiki Ed’s new course page system?

In order to gain access to Wiki Ed’s tools and resources (e.g., the course dashboard, assignment design tool, printed brochures, and content experts) you will have to create your course page on Wiki Ed’s new platform. Wiki Ed will not support courses created using the old system on Wikipedia, as we do not have the staff capacity to support two systems simultaneously. We think you will find our new system to be much more user-friendly than the old system, and an indispensable asset to your Wikipedia assignment.

Can I just copy my old course page to the new one?

You cannot copy your old course page to the new system. You will have to build a new course page using the Dashboard.

How can I format the content of my course description and timeline?

The course description and timeline use Markdown syntax, which you can use to create links, bulleted or numbered lists, and wikitext code examples.

Put the text of a link in square brackets, followed by the url in parentheses:
 [Wiki Ed dashboard](

Use an asterix followed by a space to create a bullet:
 * This is a bullet item
     * This is a subitem, indented with four spaces
     * This is another subitem

Create numbered lists like this:
 1. First numbered item
 2. Second numbered item

Use backticks to enclose wikitext code examples:
 `[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|This is a wikitext example.]]`

See the markdown documentation for more details.

How will the Wikipedia editing community know about my class?

Your course page will now be hosted through our Dashboard website,, but it will be mirrored to Wikipedia. Any edits you make to your Dashboard course page will be automatically updated on Wikipedia. When you create your course page and submit it for approval, it will be announced on Wikipedia’s Education Noticeboard.

Will I still be able to access my old course pages on Wikipedia?

Yes. You will still be able to access your old course pages through the course extension on Wikipedia.

What if I still want to have the course instructor right on Wikipedia?

In order to avoid confusion, Wiki Ed will be removing the course instructor rights for instructors who we granted them to (you’ll be notified on your Wikipedia talk page if you’re in this group). You will not need it with the new course page system. If you’d like to request it again, you can do so on the Education Noticeboard.

What is the difference between the new course pages and the old ones?

Your new course page will be hosted on our website,, and be mirrored to Wikipedia. The Dashboard tracking feature that we launched in spring 2015 will now be directly integrated into your course page. You will not need to know wiki code in order to edit your course page, and you will no longer need the course instructor right on Wikipedia in order to create a course page. Additional features will be rolled out in the coming months and years.