Category: Classroom Program

Category: Classroom Program

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New brochure helps students editing history articles

History is one of the most popular disciplines for teaching with Wikipedia — but it’s also an area where students sometimes struggle. In history classes, students tend to do research, drawing conclusions from primary sources. But that’s not how history articles on Wikipedia are constructed as original research isn’t allowed on Wikipedia. Instead, student editors … Continued

Roundup: Censorship

Censorship occurs when someone — an organization, group, government, media outlet, or similar — suppresses something that they believe will be harmful or objectionable. Sometimes people censor in the belief that they are helping to protect others from seeing, hearing, or reading something that is offensive and/or would harm someone. Other times it can be … Continued

Engaging students in interdisciplinary science communication

George Waldbusser is Associate Professor of Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry at Oregon State University. He’s integrated Wikipedia editing into his Biogeochemical Earth class several times. When the email first appeared in my inbox with the title ‘Teaching with Wikipedia!’, I vacillated between, “that sounds really interesting” to “what kind of email spam is this?” Fortunately, I trusted … Continued

A visit from UC Berkeley

While Wiki Education spends a great deal of time traveling to conferences and universities around the country, it’s not often that we have the chance to host participants in our program at our San Francisco office. On July 31, we had the pleasure of welcoming Naniette Coleman, an instructor in our program from UC Berkeley, … Continued

Looking back at the Spring 2017 term

The Spring 2017 term saw tremendous growth, but also prompted reflection for Wiki Education. We supported 358 courses and more than 7,500 students. Collectively, those students contributed more than 6 million words to almost 10,000 articles on Wikipedia on subjects ranging from Diagnostic microbiology to Police brutality against Native Americans. Each term, we strive to improve our support for our … Continued

How editing Wikipedia empowers students – a reflection

Katie Webber is a student at Rice University, where she edited Wikipedia for an assignment in Diana Strassmann’s course on Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities in Fall 2016. In this post she reflects on her experience developing the articles about domestic violence in same-sex relationships and the Montrose Center, a Houston-based organization that provides mental … Continued