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Category: Classroom Program

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Opening a can of bookworms

Mark A. Sarvary is a senior lecturer in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. He is the director of the Investigative Biology Teaching Laboratories. You can read his blogs at and follow him @cornellbiolabs. When you ask students: “When was the last time you walked into a library to … Continued

Rediscovering the “higher” in higher education with a Wikipedia writing assignment

Dr. Joel Parker is Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at SUNY Plattsburgh, where he has incorporated Wikipedia into his Cell Biology courses. In November we featured some of the great work his students did in our Cell Service roundup. In this post, he explains how assigning students to contribute to Wikipedia brings them through the … Continued

Wiki Ed encourages geophysicists to teach with Wikipedia

Last month, Outreach Manager Samantha Weald, Classroom Program Manager Helaine Blumenthal, Director of Programs LiAnna Davis, and I attended the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting here in San Francisco. At the conference, we spoke to dozens of scientists who believe Wikipedia is a valuable website for them, their students, and the world. We’re excited to … Continued

Wiki Ed heads to linguistics and history conferences this week

This week, Wiki Ed hits the road to recruit new instructors into our programs. We’re thrilled to take on 2017 after supporting a record 515 courses and nearly 11,000 student editors last year. American Historical Association This week I’ll return to the American Historical Association’s annual meeting in Denver, along with Classroom Program Manager Helaine … Continued

New brochure explains how to edit political science articles

When you contribute to an article on Wikipedia, there are best practices to consider regardless of what subject you work on, but there can also be particularities to different topic areas. For that reason, Wiki Ed works with instructors, organizations, and the Wikipedia community to develop subject-specific editing brochures to supplement our other training materials. … Continued

How Wiki Ed works with students to address bias on Wikipedia

Information about marginalized and minority communities in the United States often goes unmentioned in history books and popular textbooks. Women and non-European communities in particular may be underrepresented, misrepresented, or missing altogether. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wikipedia follows the historical trend of disproportionately covering biographies of men, with only 16.78% of all biographies on Wikipedia about women. … Continued

Podcast: Everything you wanted to know about teaching with Wikipedia, but were afraid to ask

Have you thought about adopting a Wikipedia-based assignment, but are struggling with how exactly to incorporate it into your class? Have you ever wondered what other instructors teaching with Wikipedia are doing in their courses? Is this the first time you’ve heard of Wikipedia assignments, and you’d like to know more? In October, we had … Continued