Become a Wikipedia Fellow

Become a Wikipedia Fellow

The American Sociological Association is participating in Wikipedia Fellows, an interdisciplinary pilot to improve public knowledge about the most politically relevant topics.


The public learns through Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a resource people use every day to better understand the world. In a time when terms like “alternative facts” and “fake news” have become shorthand for a wide range of political, educational, and epistemological challenges to public knowledge, it’s crucial that we ensure the quality of our most popular source of information.

Wikipedia represents the interests and expertise of the volunteer community who writes it. That means articles about some subjects are much better than others, and many important and/or complex topics remain underdeveloped, poorly explained, or missing entirely. We know how passionate ASA members are about gaining and sharing knowledge about sociology, and your experience with the field’s literature, ideas, perspectives, disputes, misconceptions, and histories makes you ideally positioned to have a significant impact on public knowledge through Wikipedia.

That’s why we are pleased to announce Wikipedia Fellows, an interdisciplinary project led by Wiki Education.

2018 Wikipedia Fellows pilot

ASA members will join members from the Midwest Political Science Association and National Women’s Studies Association in a 3-month pilot, from January to April 2018, during which time participants will learn to edit Wikipedia and receive guidance and support as they make contributions to subjects important to an informed citizenry. The pilot will start small, so Wiki Education is looking to select three ASA members who are willing to commit to attending training sessions and contributing to Wikipedia. Upon successful completion of the pilot, we will open up future programs to more participants.

  • No experience with Wikipedia is required.
  • Participants are asked to commit 3 hours/week, including training and online group meetings.
  • Wiki Education will provide training, guidance, and support throughout the process, using video conferences and Slack, a free cloud-based chat/collaboration service.
  • Participants will make significant contributions to at least two articles by the end of the program.
  • Informal support will remain available after the end of the pilot.
  • Fellows will fill out short surveys in the beginning and end of the program, and will be asked to write one reflective blog post about their experience upon completion.


For more information, visit the Wikipedia Fellows page of our website or email If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the Wikipedia Fellows application here by Tuesday, December 26, 2017.