Welcome American Sociological Association members!

Welcome American Sociological Association members!

When people look for information, they turn to Wikipedia. Right now, sociology articles may be missing or incomplete. Your students have the power to change that and develop digital literacy and critical thinking skills along the way.

We are still eager to support courses on the quarter system in the Spring of 2015.  If you’d like to know more about adding a rewarding Wikipedia assignment to your course, take a look at our resources for instructors, or send Ryan McGrady an e-mail: Ryan@wikiedu.org.

Check out our Webinar on using Wikipedia as a teaching tool in Sociology classes.

About ASA and Wiki Ed 

The Wiki Education Foundation is the nonprofit organization that manages the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada. Since the American Sociological Association’s then-President Erik Olin Wright called on his fellow sociologists to join the ASA Wikipedia Initiative, there has been a marked improvement in coverage of sociology topics on Wikipedia.

In the three years since that call, we’ve had 34 sociology classes participate in our program, and students in those classes have edited 967 unique articles. Sociology students all told have contributed 8.76 million bytes of content to Wikipedia — 8.76 million bytes, or 1.9 million words.

And those words have been meaningful: We did an article quality study in spring 2012, which found that students improved Wikipedia an average of 88 percent.