Learning about primates — and Wikipedia

Diego Whittembury Escobar hadn’t ever considered writing for Wikipedia before. He had always assumed that it was too complex, or that he wasn’t qualified. But that all changed for Diego when he signed up for a course on Primate Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation taught by Sarah Turner at Concordia University. “I discovered that I am … Continued

Improving Wikipedia’s alcázar article

If you read Wikipedia’s article on an alcázar, a type of Islamic castle or palace in the Iberian peninsula, you’ll get a detailed description of the history of alcázars and a description of their common features. That’s all thanks to two University of San Diego students, who recently improved the article as part of a … Continued

LGBTQ+ Wiki Scholars

In celebration of Pride Month, Wiki Education is seeking participants for a Wiki Scholars course focused on expanding Wikipedia’s coverage of notable LGBTQ+ people. Through this project, Wiki Education aims to train a diverse group of academics, scholars, and university students how to contribute content to Wikipedia while better representing historical figures to the public.

We are seeking participants, especially faculty or graduate students in the LGBTQ+ community, to join us in making Wikipedia more representative. … Continued

How a Wikipedia assignment led to finding community — and a job

When Sara Sierko started working on the Wikipedia article for Margaret Crang, the University of Alberta student thought she was just sharing a story that had been forgotten by her local community. She did do that — but she also gained skills that gave her a place in that community. Crang didn’t have a Wikipedia … Continued

One woman’s goal to expand Wikipedia’s coverage of graphic artists

Anne Brown has deep experience in design, writing, and editing across a long career in corporate communications as a graphic designer and then communication director. More recently, she’s been intrigued by graphic design history. So when the opportunity popped up to take a Wikipedia editing course sponsored by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), … Continued

Diversifying Wikipedia’s coverage of graphic artists

Nina Saxon is a film and TV title designer with a prolific career and deep influence on the aesthetic of film branding and title design, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. But until Kristin Callahan created it this year, Wikipedia didn’t have a biography article for her. “Nina Saxon’s biography highlights the achievement of women … Continued

Wikidata Institute – November 2022

The instant availability of knowledge on your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or personal digital assistant has revolutionized how humans learn about the world around them. When you Google a topic or ask Alexa a question, the answer you get often comes from Wikidata, the structured open data repository that lives alongside Wikipedia. In this virtual course, learn the basics of Wikidata so you can make meaningful contributions and help bring your institution’s data to the world. … Continued