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Wiki Education envisions a world in which students, scholars, scientists, archivists, librarians, and other members of academic and cultural institutions are actively engaged in sharing their knowledge with the general public through Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other open collaboration projects on the web.

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From our inception in 2013, Wiki Education has supported instructors at more than 500 universities who have incorporated creating new content for Wikipedia into their curriculum. Students gain 21st century skills including media literacy, writing and research development, and critical thinking, while content gaps on Wikipedia are filled as a result of students’ contributions. These efforts have resulted in more new content than was in the last print edition of Encyclopædia Britannica. New editors recruited through Wiki Education account for 19% of new contributors to the English Wikipedia. Read more about our impact… OR teach a Wikipedia writing assignment…

Since 2018, Wiki Education has been training scholars and scientists fom a diverse range of institutions in contributing their subject-matter expertise to high-profile Wikipedia pages that reach millions of readers. We collaborate with institutions like the National Archives and the Smithsonian, as well as with a range of academic associations on projects aimed at better informing the general public. We have expanded our course offerings to include trainings about Wikidata, the open knowledge database that powers virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Partner with us to create customized offerings at your institution… OR sign up for one of our open courses… 

Wiki Education relies on your support to protect free and accurate knowledge for all. As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization your donations are tax deductible.

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